Hertfordshire's police force has set its new policing priorities for Watford after listening to feedback from the public.

The Constabulary has been listening to residents in the town as to what they think police should be focusing on tackling in their neighbourhood.

During a two-week campaign in May, people could give their thoughts on how Watford's policing priorities should be shaped using an online campaign feedback platform, echo.

Following a review of the information submitted, as well as intelligence and information gathered when out on patrol, the Watford Safer Neighbourhood Team will now focus on certain issues over the next three months.

The team, led by Neighbourhood Inspector Pete Edwards, is split into the following three areas:

Watford Town Centre – Central Watford

Watford North – Tudor, Callowland, Stanborough, Leggatts, Meriden, Woodside

Watford Outer – Central (outer), Oxhey, Vicarage, Holywell, Park, Nascot

Here is what police will be focussing on in your area:

Watford Town Centre

Drug crime - Police say there is concern around openly visible drug activity in Watford High Street and the surrounding areas. They say Watford has seen a rise in incidents relating to county lines, gangs, drug use and associated criminality involving both locals and people who travel into the town.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) and street drinking: Police say that following the feedback ASB and street drinking are of particular concern in High Street, with regular calls to police.

Retail crime: The team says it has seen an increase in crime reports from various town centre retailers, including shoplifting, purse-dipping and theft from person offences.

Watford North

Retail crime: Police say there has been an increase in reports of shoplifting and theft from person offences in shops along St Albans Road.

Drugs and associated ASB: Police say public feedback has highlighted issues with overt drug dealing and associated anti-social behaviour across the whole of the Watford North area.

Theft from vehicles: According to police, there has been an increase in catalytic converter thefts and opportunistic thefts from vehicles across the North Watford area.

Watford Outer

Drug crime: Police say there is visible drug dealing and usage across the area, with hotspots in Watford Fields, Pump House Crescent and Metropolitan Station Approach.

ASB: A combination of youth-related ASB and street drinking ASB has been reported in a number of areas including Cassiobury Park, Oxhey Park and Watford Fields, according to police.

Theft from vehicles: Police say there has been an increase in reports of theft of money and belongings from vehicles, which are often being left unlocked, in the West Watford and Park areas of the town.

What did police say?

Inspector Pete Edwards said: "Priority Setting Forums are a really important tool that we use as a temperature gauge on our communities to understand what the local issues are in each area.

“We’re very pleased to say that the echo campaign was hugely successful at a time where we are unable to hold face-to-face meetings with residents, garnering more than 500 responses from the public.

“Now, it’s time for our teams to problem-solve with our communities and create plans to drill down into the issues that have been raised. SNT officers are armed with an extensive toolkit to help them get the best results for their residents, and regularly liaise with our partner agencies to ensure a joined-up approach.

“We are committed to ensuring that Watford is a pleasant and safe place to live and work, and we are looking forward to sharing tangible results of our work with you in due course.”