The first pints have been poured at pubs which can now reopen following months of closure as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Couples can get married and hairdressers have been allowed to welcome customers, alongside restaurants, bars and cinemas on so-called Super Saturday, which has seen the biggest relaxation of rules yet.

But as more businesses opened their doors, Watford town centre stayed quiet, with more people seemingly staying home despite the lockdown restrictions easing further.

There were no queues outside any pubs, bars, restaurants or hairdressers in High Street, although some people did return for today's reopening.

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

There were no queues in High Street today

A poll by health and safety company Protecting found that only one in five people across the town were looking forward to their first post-lockdown pint, with most choosing to stay away over fears around social distancing and a second wave of coronavirus.

Out of 980 Watford residents, some 80 per cent said they would be staying away from the pubs when they reopen.

However, some people did return for much-anticipated drinks, including at the Moon Under Water Wetherspoons pub in the town centre.

Watford Observer:

Connor Mortimer said it was "great" to have his first pint after more than three months of lockdown.

Watford Observer:

Connor (left) and Travis (right) were at the pub today

He said: "It is great that pubs and bars are reopening. It should be happening. I think people may have been dying for it at home. If everyone sticks to social distancing then it's all okay.

"My first drink felt really good. I had a San Miguel and it felt great. I also had another pint earlier and a breakfast. I've missed the bars and the pubs. It kills your bank balance but it's great to be back."

Customers also returned to restaurants in the town including L'artista as well as other pubs such as Colombia Press.

Some people were also keen to have their hair done, with staff at Kaziu Barber Shop in High Street welcoming customers back today.

Watford MP Dean Russell welcomed the reopening of more businesses today.

He said: "Although it is not a case of going completely back to normal it is important to return to some form of normality.

"We all have to be mindful of coronavirus and stick to social distancing to ensure everyone is safe as more businesses start to reopen today.

"I support the easing of the lockdown and I think it is important we support our local businesses as they start to reopen."