A one-way system and plastic screens are among several social distancing measures that have been introduced into a pub as more businesses opened on ‘Super Saturday’.

The Moon Under Water in High Street is one of several pubs to have reopened its doors in Watford for the first time in months following the coronavirus lockdown, which began at the end of March.

But with pubs having to introduce strict new measures to ensure people’s safety, customers can expect a slightly different experience when heading out for a pint.

As they reopened alongside hairdressers, bars and restaurants in Watford Town Centre today, The Moon Under Water gave us access to see how it has prepared to welcome customers back.

Watford Observer:

Going inside

There were no queues to get inside the pub today, with High Street having been fairly quiet as ‘Super Saturday’ got underway.

We were able to get in fairly quickly, and once inside it was required that an NHS Test and Trace form is filled out.

Watford Observer:

You will be required to fill out a test and trace form

You will be given a sheet of paper asking you to fill out your name, phone number, the date of arrival, the time entering the premises and the time leaving as well.

There is no need to give this form back straight away, with people asked to put it in a box as you leave the pub.

As you enter the pub you’ll find a one way system which you should follow, like driving on the left side of the road.

There are also hand sanitiser stations placed throughout the pub to ensure people can maintain good hygiene.

Buying a pint

Wetherspoons recommends that people use their app to order and having a table service instead of visiting the bar.

However, customers who do visit the bar will notice that when buying a pint, there are now barriers in place so people can queue without being in close contact with one another.

Watford Observer:

There are also stickers on the ground to help people keep a distance as they queue.

Once a member of staff calls you to the bar, you will see new plastic screens that have been put in place to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

Watford Observer: Watford Observer:

People should pay through a contactless card if they buy from the bar.

What did a customer think?

Connor Mortimer, who was at The Moon Under Water pub today, said it was "great" to have his first pint after more than three months of lockdown.

Watford Observer:

He said: "It is great that pubs and bars are reopening. It should be happening. If everyone sticks to social distancing then it's all okay.

"My first drink felt really good. I had a San Miguel and it felt great. I also had another pint earlier and a breakfast.

“I've missed the bars and the pubs. It kills your bank balance but it's great to be back."