Watford Borough Council has confirmed parking enforcement will fully resume in some controlled parking permit zones from this Wednesday.

The latest changes announced by the council affect five parking zones and seven public car parks.

For most of the pandemic, parking restrictions in Watford have been relaxed with wardens only clamping down on drivers parking dangerously.

But at the beginning of June, enforcement began again in St Albans Road and Whippendell Road, and since June 15, pay and display bays and permit bays have been enforced.

Since June 15, traffic wardens have been patrolling zones but not during all hours.

The new restrictions from Wednesday in controlled parking zones (CPZ) A, B, C, E, G will prohibit anyone without a permit from parking between 8am and 10pm every day.

Between June 15 and July 7, restrictions only ran up until 6.30pm.

The council says the changes are necessary because the zones are close to the town centre which is likely to get busier over the coming weeks as more establishments reopen.

Updated CPZ restrictions from Wednesday July 8

Zones A, B, C, E, G permit holders only between 8am – 10pm every day

Zones D, F, J, K, L M/N, S & T permit holders only between 8am – 6.30pm Monday – Saturday (no change since June 15. additional match day restrictions will not apply to F,J,K,L, M/N, S & T)

Zone U permit holders only 10am – 12pm, Monday – Friday (no change since June 15)

Zone V: Restrictions will not re-introduced until September

Zone W permit holders only between 10am – 11am, Monday – Friday (no change since June 15)

Car park enforcement

The council is resuming enforcement in the following car parks from Wednesday July 8.

Town Hall

Town Hall Visitors




Bushey Arches

Watford Business Park