A councillor wants to reduce the speed limit in several roads after residents raised concerns about speeding.

Councillor Tim Williams is exploring the opportunity of turning an area of Garston into a 20mph zone and has launched a survey.

In particular, he is looking at the Stanborough ward and Leavesden Green area.

Cllr Williams said: "Speed of traffic in our residential roads is raised with me by local residents very regularly, and particularly in areas where rat running occurs.

Watford Observer:

Map of residential roads in Garston that would be covered by the 20mph zone. Credit: HCC

Watford Observer:

Roads in Leavesden Green that would be covered by the 20mph zone. Credit: HCC

"Having a 20mph zone will enhance the area as a residential area, will reduce speeds and is proven to reduce collisions and casualties.

"Making roads safer and reducing speeds in residential roads is a priority.

"The consultation has just started and will be closed near the end of this month. I would urge those for or against to complete the survey."

The zone would be funded by Cllr Williams’ highways budget.

Within the survey you are ask if you support proposed scheme and if you would like to make any comments.

But this is not the only proposed 20mph zone scheme for Watford. Cllr Kareen Hastrick closed her survey in May about a proposal for a 20mph limit in The Avenues.