A campaign group has launched a petition to stop plans for a new hotel and office complex opposite Watford Junction.

Myles Sinclair, who lives in Canterbury Road, set up the Cassiobury House Action Group with 10 other people in the area as they were worried about Watford becoming a "building site" after plans to demolish the building were submitted.

Cassiobury House is a 1970s building in Station Road currently used as offices - many readers may know it as the place they went to take their theory driving test.

If the plans recently submitted by applicant Tellon Capital were to be approved, the six-storey office building would be demolished and replaced with 43,000sq ft of office space and a 168-bed hotel with a restaurant and car parking spaces.

Watford Observer:

What the view of Cassiobury House currently looks like from Westland Road. Credit: Myles Sinclair

Concerns about the proposal plans

Mr Sinclair said there are many issues with the proposals – the main problem being the height of the new building, which he says encroaches on the back gardens of people living in Canterbury Road.

Myles said in the proposed plans a "one metre" strip with shrubs, which has been identified as "landscape" in the plans, would be implemented between people's back gardens and the new hotel.

He said: "The height is absolutely overwhelming. It's a big issue because people are going to see it for miles.

"It's going to stick out like a sore thumb and it's making Watford a building site."

Mr Sinclair also says the "round the clock" hotel will create noise and impact people's privacy.

Watford Observer:

The redevelopment visual of Cassiobury House. Credit: Tellon Capital

Mr Sinclair also said the development would have an environmental impact, as three mature trees in Westland Road would be cut down to make way for the new buildings.

He said: "The lovely mature trees on the road block the view to Cassiobury House. They have been there longer than the building has."

Mr Sinclair, who has lived in Watford for 56 years, added: "It's destroying the community without a doubt and the people who live here have to suffer the consequences."

For more information about the petition go to https://chactiongroup.uk/


A visual of what the redevelopment could look like from Westland Road. Credit: Tellon Capital

Response to the concerns

A spokesperson for Tellon Capital said the site is identified by Watford Borough Council as "appropriate for taller buildings" and said it has "stepped down" and reduced the height in the plans along the southern part of the site.

The developer also said the tallest parts of the proposed developments would be along Station Road, "protecting the amenity" of people living on Westland Road and Canterbury Road

It also addressed the issues of noise and said the public areas of the restaurant are located north of the site to help reduce any impact of noise.

Speaking about the removal of the trees, the spokesperson said: "We unfortunately cannot retain the three existing trees as the tree pits are limiting their future growth and will need to be removed as part of the demolition of the building.

"However, in response to feedback received during our public consultation we have included new soft landscaping along the Westland Road frontage, whilst a landscaping buffer has been provided along the boundary to properties on Canterbury Road."

If you have questions about the development, contact feedback@consultation-online.co.uk .