Three hospital patients in west Hertfordshire who tested positive for coronavirus died on Thursday, the NHS has said.

They were being cared for by West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust and they all passed away on July 9.

The deaths were among 38 announced by NHS England yesterday (Saturday).

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The 38 patients were aged between 40 and 98 years old and three people, aged between 65 and 86, had no known underlying health conditions.

Today, NHS England announced 15 more deaths, taking the coronavirus death toll at English hospitals to 29,051.

The total number of patients who have died and tested positive for Covid-19 at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust is 368.

Before Thursday, no deaths had been reported for six days, with four patients passing away between June 28 and July 2.


The government now releases more up-to-date figures of the number of people who have tested positive for coronavirus in all settings in all local authorities.

So this includes people who tested positive in hospitals, care homes, at home, at mobile testing sites, and in any other location.

The total number of cases identified in your local authority over the whole pandemic according to government data as of Sunday afternoon (July 12):

  • Hertsmere - 476
  • Watford - 547
  • St Albans - 511
  • Three Rivers - 357
  • Dacorum - 498
  • Hertfordshire (whole) - 4,148

As this way of collecting wider data from the government is still new, by this time next week there will be a better picture of how many people are testing positive for Covid-19 each day in each of the five local authorities and Hertfordshire.

However, the figures below do give an indication of how much Covid-19 there is locally at the moment.

This is the latest weekly rate of new cases of Covid-19 in your local authority (July 1 - July 7), according to Public Health England.

The rate is expressed as the new number of new cases per 100,000 population.

  • St Albans - 19.0 (14th highest rate in England in that week). Around 28 new cases in this time period.
  • Watford - 7.2 (Around 7 new cases in this time period)
  • Three Rivers - 5.4 (around 5 new cases in this time period)
  • Hertsmere - 3.8 (around 4 new cases in this time period)
  • Dacorum - 2.6 (around 5 new cases in this time period)

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