Travellers who broke into the playing fields of Watford Rugby Club were swiftly evicted after they broke into the grounds.

Hertfordshire Constabulary say they received several calls last night (July 15) at around 9.40pm, to reports of a number of caravans attempting to access the playing fields on Radlett Road in Watford.

It is believed there were two caravans on the site, and they managed to gain entry by breaking the gates.

Officers attended the scene and made contact with the landowners, who have responsibility for evicting unauthorised encampments.

Police say that the group left the area by around midnight.

One eyewitness says that after the group were evicted, a lot of rubbish and litter was left behind on the playing fields.

Martin Lee, the chairman of the club said: "Our Facilities Manager is aware of the issue and will be completing a full damage assessment this afternoon.

"The club are very grateful for the speed with which the break in has been dealt with and the trespassers evicted, thankfully this seems to have limited potential damage and littering.

"As a community orientated club, we hope that Knutsford Playing Fields continue to be a safe, enjoyable green space for residents and WRFC members alike."

This is not the first time a camp has been set up by Radlett Road, as there were previous caravan sightings in 2017 and 2018.

Watford Council has been contacted for further information about the incident.