The rules on wearing face masks are about to change again.

Just last month, people were told they must wear a face covering on public transport.

And now, from Friday (July 24), you will have to wear a face mask in shops. If you don't, you could be fined £100.

Face coverings that are not masks, like scarves, can be a pain - especially when you have to readjust them every few minutes to prevent them from slipping. And not everyone can sew themselves a reusable face mask, or has a T-shirt they are willing to sacrifice.

Here is a list of local businesses selling face masks to help those who are looking to get their hands on a reusable mask:

Oana Millinery

Watford Observer:

The business based in Rickmansworth, which usually sells hats, has made the switch to face masks. The masks come in different patterns and are washable.

For more information, visit the online shop:

Annie with Alex

Watford Observer:

This mother and daughter business was set up in 2017 and started by selling handcrafted bags.

But due to the pandemic, the Watford pair are now selling children's and adults face masks which are reusable and washable.

For more information go to

RV Handmade

Watford Observer:

This business based in Hemel Hempstead is selling handmade masks. The coverings are made out of cotton and are available for adults and children.

You can only order a mask on Facebook.


Watford Observer:

Orissa Kelly and her sister Perrine Jamault created a face mask-making initiative, Maskd, to protect the people of Watford. You can design your own ones or buy pre-designed masks.

They are also giving NHS workers free masks.

Speaking about her project, Ms Kelly said: "The support and interest took us by surprise with over one hundred masks being bought in just a few days - with the donations stacking up.

"We have been delighted to donate hand made face masks to a number of care homes both in Watford and St Albans, GP surgeries and social workers.

"One day, I went to pick up a prescription at the local pharmacy, I asked the two ladies working why they didn't have any masks. The manager replied 'We don't get provided them and we don't have time to buy any'. I ran home and prepared three donation masks using the last of the elastic I had."

Visit the online shop here:

Dotty Bobbin

Watford Observer:

A Hemel Hempstead based business, which previously offered sewing lessons, is now making face masks for children and adults.

You can order online at

The Saffron Stitch

Watford Observer:

This business sells face masks for children and adults. The masks have a double layer of cotton and with each mask sold 75p will be donated to charity. For more information go to


People have also been making their own face masks and donating them. Printing company Stylographics, based in Watford, is currently making masks and give them away to NHS staff.

For more information go to