The average price of car insurance premiums in Watford dropped during the coronavirus lockdown, new figures show.

Data published by price comparison website MoneySuperMarket has revealed how car insurance prices changed during the Covid-19 pandemic between April and June this year.

Roads became a lot quieter when the lockdown was brought into effect at the end of March, with people told to stay at home other than for limited essential reasons.

And according to the data, the average price for new policies in Watford between April and June saw a drop compared to the same time last year.

The figures showed that motorists in the town looking for fully comprehensive cover were paying £549.67 on average for a policy, compared to £556.99 during the same period last year.

Customers looking for third party, fire and theft cover also saw a drop, with the average price falling from £853.44 last year to £750.20 in 2020.

However, the average price of comprehensive insurance in Watford was higher than the average across the UK - £475 – between April and June this year.

But the average UK price was down 2 per cent from 2019, when it was £486, according to the data.

Dave Merrick, car insurance spokesperson for MoneySuperMarket, said it is "it’s likely coronavirus is contributing to the fall in car insurance premiums”.

He said: “With fewer cars on the road, there have been fewer claims, exerting a downward pressure on prices.

"It’s a pressure that has far outweighed other factors - such as the UK’s departure from the EU - that some expected could have led to premium prices increasing. 

“Quite how long this downward trend will continue is hard to say. As we emerge from lockdown, roads will become busier and claims will start to rise again – which may well lead to prices rising.”

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