Whilst the addition of any cycle lane is welcome, the short section added along Wiggenhall Road does not in any way go far enough.

In an ideal world, belts-and-braces bike lanes complete with segregation barrier are desirable, but the £1.25m funding from central government will not even cover 1km of route built in this way.

So the question is: would the money be better spent completing long sections rather than the sporadic bits that have been the hallmark of risible cycle tracks in the past?

Whilst other councils, like Harrow, have created substantial sections of cycle lane by (typically) commandeering a lane of a dual carriageway for bikes, Watford has done its level least for the people of the borough.

Of course it’s not a case of one size fits all. Watford presents challenges that differ from Harrow. It may be that designation of more shared space for walking/cycling is the answer. Or doing something with the new hospital link road which is a bit of a white elephant. Busy routes can be unavoidable but often there are alternatives: renewing the uneven surface of the Eastbury Road bridleway link path to the Ebury Way; some cycle signage so people are aware even of the existence of these quiet routes. Why so difficult?

Dave Degen

Whippendell Road, Watford