There has been a rise in the number of coronavirus cases in Watford, latest government data shows.

Public Health England figures show there were 15 new cases identified in the town in the seven days leading up to July 28.

The 15 cases puts Watford on a case rate of 15.5 - which is the 31st highest weekly case rate in England out of more than 300 local authorities.

The case rate is calculated per 100,000 population so it does not mean Watford recorded the 31st highest number of cases in that week.

For example, Luton recorded a case rate of 14.5, which is lower than Watford, but this rate of 14.5 is equivalent to 31 new cases compared to Watford's 15.

This is because Luton has a larger population than Watford.

In the seven days up to July 21, the case rate in Watford was 12.4 - equivalent to 12 new cases in that period - so the case rate has risen slightly.

As of 4pm on July 31, Watford has recorded a total of 577 cases of Covid-19 (not including those who have had the virus but were never tested).

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Current case rates in neighbouring Hertsmere and Three Rivers are lower than Watford.

Hertsmere had a case rate of 2.9 in the seven days up to July 28, which is three new cases, up one from the week before.

Three Rivers has recorded a case rate of 6.4 which is six new cases, up two from the week before.

The district of Dacorum, which includes Hemel Hempstead, is larger than the district of Watford, and although it has recorded a lower case rate than Watford, the same number of cases were identified in the seven days leading up to July 28.

Dacorum had a case rate of 9.7 which is 15 new cases.

Latest case rates locally, per 100,000 population in the seven days up to July 28. In brackets is the actual number of cases. Source: Public Health England

  • Watford - 15.5 (15)
  • Dacorum - 9.7 (15)
  • St Albans - 4.7 (7)
  • Three Rivers - 6.4 (6)
  • Hertsmere - 2.9 (3)
  • Harrow - 5.2 (13)
  • Hillingdon - 3.9 (12)
  • Barnet - 7.9 (31)
  • Luton - 14.5 (31)
  • Welwyn Hatfield - 0.0 (0)

'Play your part'

Hertfordshire County Council recently launched a campaign called 'Play Your Part' aimed at encouraging residents in Hertfordshire to stay safe from coronavirus.

This includes following four simple steps

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Keep your distance
  3. Wear a face covering when required
  4. Isolate and get tested if you have symptoms

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Tests can be booked via the government or NHS websites.