A councillor says he was "gobsmacked" when he saw that workers had put up a new lamppost in a tree.

On July 10, two residents reported to Councillor Tim Williams that a lamppost had come down in Perivale Gardens on the Kingswood estate in Watford.

Cllr Williams reported the incident to Hertfordshire County Council and council contractors arrived promptly to take the broken post away.

Watford Observer:

But Cllr Williams says he was "amazed" when Ringway workers returned a few days later to put up a replacement post.

Instead of putting the new post in where the old one was, the workers put it further away from the road and in a tree, which would have blocked most of the light.

Cllr Williams said: "Whilst of course it was disappointing that this lamp column was knocked down, I am totally amazed about how the replacement lamppost has been handled.

"I was gobsmacked that they put up the replacement post up a tree where minimal light would be achieved.

"Whilst they then moved it a metre, and then added a bracket, I still question the light spray that will be achieved."

Watford Observer:

He added that his extensive conversations with the council since have been a "total waste of time and resources", with amendments only completed this week.

Ringway has apologised for putting the lamppost in a tree but explained that it would not be safe to put the post the replacement post where the original one was.

A spokesperson said: "The column that was knocked over could not put it back in its original position as it would be too close to the road and at risk from further collision.

"Unfortunately, the team that installed the new column mistakenly put it in with the top of the column just in the tree.

"Cllr Williams told us about the issue and we immediately arranged for the column to be moved clear of the tree, at no cost to the county council.

"We have apologised for our error and we have solved the problem in a safe and practical manner."

Watford Observer:

The cone is where the original lamppost was

Cllr Williams added: "Whilst appreciating the reasons of wanting to put it to the back of the footway the best position for this lamp column is in its original position next to the road."