A parade of shops will not have to temporarily close during the construction of the Meriden estate, a housing association has said.

Watford Community Housing confirmed that a row of shops in the Gossamers will be staying open – and will only shut when they are ready to open at a new location in York Way.

As part of the development on the Meriden estate, seven blocks of bungalows, houses and flats are currently under construction, including a new parade of shops.

But the Friends of Meriden said they were worried that stores in the Gossamers would not open in the new units at a new location before the current shops have to close.

A range of shops are currently based in the Gossamers which will have to move as part of the Meriden estate development, including a Co-op, a laundrette and a Post Office.

But Gareth Lewis, group director of partnerships at Watford Community Housing, said the association would not leave people on the estate without "vital facilities".

He added: "We know just how important the shops in the Meriden are to people in the local community, including many of our customers.

"We would not leave them without these vital facilities - especially during these challenging times.

"We will ensure that all the shopkeepers who are moving over the new parade have ample time to move in before we take possession of the existing site.

"We are continuing to work closely with the shopkeepers, offering a range of practical and financial support to help them plan for the move and fit out the new units to a high standard, with as little disruption to their business as possible."

A total of 133 new homes are set to be built in the development of the Meriden estate, which is being constructed in phases.