I can’t match the eloquence of Joe Moore’s letter in the Observer (Dissolving councils, July 24), but I totally agree with him: making Hertfordshire a unitary authority and abolishing local councils would reduce local democracy. This at a time when the government claims to support it! So much for the Government’s so-called localism agenda. So much for their stated desire (I quote) to put power “back into the hands of local councils, communities and individuals”.

Taking away the most local tier of government will transfer power upwards and, I suspect, make it much less responsive to local issues.

I would suggest another plan, the creation of a new enlarged “super-borough” that could consolidate Watford, Three Rivers and Hertsmere. It would still be reasonably local, hopefully not too ‘faceless’ and, perhaps, save money compared with the present administrative set-up.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a big interest in bikes and cycling. I would say that at least as far as this is area of councils’ activity is concerned, the borough has far out-performed the county (for example the Beryl Bikes bike-hire scheme, and the setting up of the Watford Cycling Forum). Would anyone else support a Super Borough? I bet Herts doesn’t like the sound of that!

Clive Jones

Gade Avenue, Watford