After reading Hornets fans’ letters page in last week’s Observer regarding relegation for the Hornets, I have come to the conclusion, there seems to be a number of Hornets supporters who have selective memories. Reading these Hornets fans’ letters, they grumble about something that they describe as Gino Pozzo’s ‘revolving door’ policy of parting company with three managers this season.

However, on the contrary, everyone was happy at the end of the 2014-2015 season when the Hornets gained promotion to the Premiership albeit of Gino Pozzo’s ‘revolving door’ policy once again with parting company with three managers.

Some Hornets fans soon forget that prior to Gino Pozzo taking over in 2012, Watford FC were steering a course onto the rocks. Make no bones about it, the owner of Watford FC before Mr Pozzo would have taken the Hornets into administration.

One of Graham Taylor’s distinctive philosophies and standards of judgement he would quite often quote was ‘Leave your mark at the club not just by what you achieve but how you achieve it’.

Mr Gino Pozzo can certainly acquaint himself with the great man’s words of wisdom with his achievements that he has accomplished for Watford FC fans over these last eight years.

Please Watford supporters look at the broader picture, and don’t just cherry pick one poor season out of eight.

Ernie Mackenzie

Gammons Lane, Watford