The number of new cases of coronavirus in Watford more than halved over a period of two weeks, Public Health England figures show.

Data shows that eight new cases were identified in the town in the seven days up to August 4.

In the seven days up to July 28, a total of 19 cases were recorded.

On August 1, Watford ranked as having the 31st highest weekly rate of new cases out of more than 300 local authorities, but as of August 4, the town dropped out of the top 80.

However, new cases have been found in the town since August 4.

In the last four days, seven new cases have been confirmed in the town, with a total of 15 cases in August.

As of 4pm on Sunday (August 9), 594 cases have been identified in Watford.

Watford Observer:

Coronavirus cases remain low in Hertsmere and Three Rivers, although we have seen a small rise in cases in Hertsmere over the last week or so.

Over the last month, Hertsmere has regularly had a rate of around 3 which is equivalent to three new cases in the borough over seven days.

But the rate crept up to 6.7 in the seven days up to August 4 which is seven new cases.

Five new cases have been identified in the borough over the last four days taking the total to 493 over the whole pandemic.

In Three Rivers, the rate is lower - at 3.2 in the seven days up to August 4.

This is three new cases, which is half of the number of cases found in the seven days up to July 28.

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It has now also been 26 days since West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust recorded a Covid-19 death, according to the daily NHS data.

But as the hot weather continues, Hertfordshire County Council is urging people in the county to "play their part" to keep people safe.

This includes social distancing where possible, washing your hands, and wearing face coverings.