A bus driver who made a wrong turn had to reverse out of a steep side street, damaging his vehicle.

According to a witness, the bus which is operated by RATP Dev under contract for Transport for London (TfL), was following its usual route in Chalk Hill on Sunday (August 9) afternoon.

In the images sent to the Observer (above) show that the bus was travelling down London Road at around 5pm when the driver made a wrong turn into King Edward Road.

Watford Observer:

The 142 bus in King Edward Street. Credit: UGC

Watford Observer:

The bus reversing out of the road. Credit: UGC

The witness said the residential road is steep and as a result the bus got stuck on the steep slope when it turned left.

After realising the wrong turn, the driver then started to reverse out back onto the main road damaging the back of the bus on the road.

Watford Observer:

Credit: UGC

A crowd of people also gathered to try and help the driver reverse from the side road.

The witness said that after 10 minutes the bus was finally free but the back of the bus had to be fixed with gaffer tape before continuing its route.

Watford Observer:

The bus finally free. Credit: UGC

A spokesperson for RATP Dev said: “RATP Dev was made aware of an incident involving the 142 bus on Sunday.

"Fortunately, there were no injuries and no damage to the road or surrounding area, with the only damage being to the rear bumper of the bus, which was subsequently fixed. An internal investigation is now underway to determine the cause of the incident.”