The number of homes sold reached an all-time low in June, new figures show.

Data from the Land Registry showing all property sales in England and Wales reveal that in Watford and surrounding areas, just one property was sold in June.

In fact, the number of properties sold dropped each month during the lockdown period between April and June.

The lockdown was officially imposed in the UK by March 23. During the height of the lockdown, people were advised to delay house moves. Rules also prevented in-person house viewings.

From May 13, estate agents in England could conduct viewings. But it appears that this did not help boost house sales in June.

Data for July has not yet been released by the Government.

In January, 3,518 homes were sold in Watford borough, Three Rivers and Hertsmere. In February, after the first case of coronavirus in the UK, sales dropped to 204 - just six per cent of January's figure.

Here's what happened during the peak of the lockdown months, from April to June:


In Watford there were 28 properties sold in April, with the average price going for £393,128.

However, in May that drastically dropped to just 14 properties, but the average price being much higher at £551,428.

According to the data, there were no homes sold in June.


Rickmansworth similarly saw a drop within the lockdown period.

In April there were 16 recorded purchases, with the average property price going for £581,406.

But by May there were just 7 homes sold, with the average property price going for £460,178.

And in June there was just one property sold, for £290,000.

Abbots Langley

In Abbots Langley there were just 39 properties sold this year, with only four of which taking place during the lockdown.

Just three properties were sold in April, with the average price at £346,667.

Then in May there was one property sold for £225,000.

Kings Langley

There were also four properties sold in Kings Langley during the lockdown months and 41 properties sold throughout the whole year.

Two of which were in April with the average price at £390,000.

The remaining two were in May but with a higher average at £481,9158 – due to one extremely high purchase for £929,8315.