Travellers who set up camp for nearly six days are now being cleared after they refused council advise to move.

On Monday, the Observer reported that around five caravans have been parked up at an encampment by The Green, Croxley Green since the evening of Friday (August 7).

Since their arrival, Three Rivers District Council were working to get a court order and application for a Traveller Removal Order.

Police and enforcement agents were seen on site at around 2.30pm and some of the travellers have started to leave.

Three Rivers District Council say they will not know what damage or litter there is (if any) until all the travellers have left.

The travellers were seen at the site for nearly six days now, despite the council advising the travellers to move on during the weekend.

Over the weekend, the council said that council officers worked to ensure proper welfare checks were undertaken.

More updates to follow.