Readers have been having their say as to which roads in and around Watford should have a speed camera.

There have been numerous occasions this year where drivers have decided to ignore speed limits. According to an Freedom of Information request by PA, officers in Hertfordshire enforced 119 speeding offences to those flouting the rules in April.

In some cases, motorists in the county had been caught travelling at speeds up to three times higher than the legal limit during the month.

So recently we asked people on Facebook which roads in Watford and surrounding areas they would like to see a speed camera introduced in.

Below are roads that were mentioned by residents.

1. Bushey Mill Lane

Bushey Mill Lane in Watford is 30mph, but reader Kirsten Asbury said the road is used as a “race-track, day and night” and is dangerous for children attending Parkgate infants and junior school, both of which are based on either side of the road.

She said: “With Parkgate infants and juniors on both sides of Bushey Mill it is very dangerous and there have been a number of accidents in all the years I’ve lived here. So needs cameras.”

2. Cassiobury Drive

Cassiobury Drive is a residential road that is situated in Watford with a speed limit of 30mph.

However, one reader said the road is used as a “race-track”.

Jill Jenkins said: “It is used like a race-track, all day every day.”

3. M1 junction 5

People can peel off the M1 at junction 5 in order to get to Watford. Motorway speed limits are 70mph, although one person felt drivers race around junction 5 and exceed that limit.

Maggie Cooper said: “They (drivers) seem to be having race late evening and early night!”

4. Loudwater Lane

Loudwater Lane is a narrow country road that goes through Rickmansworth and Croxley Green. The road is the national speed limit when joining from Sarratt Road, although becomes 30mph further down.

One reader, Hannah Crick, said the road makes her “anxious” following an incident where a car nearly crashed into her.

She said: “A car came over the bridge and at the last minute saw me, nearly head on into me.

“But if I wasn't doing 25mph and foot ready on the brake...”

5. Balmoral Road

Balmoral Road has a speed limit of 20mph and is a residential road that is situated in Watford.

However, one person felt that some drivers are exceeding that limit.

Maureen Malone said: “Would make a fortune with cameras. It is 20mph an hour, not 60 or 70.”

6. Langley Road

Langley Road in Watford was also mentioned. When joining the road from Hempstead Road it is 30mph, although further down it is 20mph.

However, Robb Cross said: “Average speed camera on Langley Road would pay dividends!”

Other roads that were mentioned by readers include:

7. Hayling Road, South Oxhey

8. A405

9. Thorpe Crescent, Watford

10. Hagden Lane, Watford

11. Newhouse Crescent, Watford

12. Oxhey Drive, South Oxhey

13. Leggatts Wood Avenue, Watford

14. Horseshoe Lane, Watford

15. Sheepcot Lane, Leavesden

16. Wiggenhall Road, Watford

17. The Harebreaks

18. Harrow Way, Watford

19. Whippendell Road, Watford

20. Hampermill Lane, Watford

According to Hertfordshire County Council’s Speed Management Strategy, “stringent criteria” based on collected data from police is used to see where speed cameras are put.

It adds: “Other cost effective measures must be considered as part of the selection process before safety cameras are chosen as a potential option.”

To read it click here