Some BTEC students are still left in the dark for their results due to an IT issue causing delays in their results.

Around 76 students from West Herts College in Watford are yet to receive their BTEC results due to the technical issue between a BTEC awarding body and the college.

The college has processed around 15,000 qualifications this year, but 76 of which are on hold due to the glitch.

While the students affected are currently unsure as to what their final grades are, the college affirms that no places at university or planned employment are at risk.

A spokesperson for West Herts College said: “There has been a delay in a small number of confirmed BTEC qualifications reaching West Herts College.

“This is the result of an IT system issue between the awarding body and the college, which has affected 76 qualifications out of a total in excess of 15,000 qualification outcomes received by the college this year.

“The college has been working with the students and families affected to resolve the issue and to reassure everyone involved that no disadvantage will be incurred as a consequence of the temporary situation.

“Following direct contact with the universities and employers involved, there has been confirmation that no places at university or planned employment are at risk, with all offers remaining open for students until the qualification results are known.”