Whether it was model railways or radio controlled cars, Beatties was a must visit for many people who grew up in Watford.

The model shop, located in The Parade, closed several years ago but members of the Watford Observer’s nostalgia Facebook group We grew up in Watford have been reminiscing about shopping there.

Ray McKenna wrote: “A shopping visit to this place on a Saturday was a must...!”

Ally Jefferson said: “Was one of the best places for Subbuteo.”

Richard Massara posted: “Loved Beatties. It’s Hornby and Scalextric/powertrack heaven when I was ten.”

Watford Observer:

Another shop that many who grew up in Watford remember fondly is Mary Rose toy shop, located in Charter Place.

Rachel Gentleman recalled: “I used to love going in there to buy Busybodies (or Playmobil as it’s now called) and all their joke stuff! We bought black face soap, whoopee cushions, itching powder, stink bombs…”

This prompted Amanda Dunning to post: “I loved that bit round the till where there were loads of little compartments with tiny pocket money things in them. I bought several of my Wade Whimsies form there, and also several of my puppets.”

Hayley ‘Price’ Beale said: “My sister and I loved Mary Roses, it was a great little toy shop. We used to play with the Brio train set and spend our saved pocket money on the little toys and games.”

Are there any shops in Watford that have closed that you remember affectionately? Join We grew up in Watford and share your memories and pictures.