Sport plays a central part in many of our lives and most of us had our first experience of it when we were growing up.

Plenty of us will have represented our school either individually or as part of a team, while others will also have played for a club and continue to turn out on a recreational basis for a Sunday league football team for example.

We asked members of the Watford Observer’s nostalgia Facebook group, We grew up in Watford, to share memories of their own sporting experiences and some members also posted team or celebration pictures.

The team picture at the top of the page was shared by Nigel Sutton, who wrote: “I played in the newly formed Gadeside Rangers, early 70s. We went on to take part in the half time penalties at Vicarage Road. I scored both my penalties in the semi-finals, but was dropped for the finals. We met Elton (John) in the tunnel but I can't remember much more.”

Watford Observer:

Nigel also said: “I also played for The One Crown in the 80s. We were a great bunch with the odd win here and there. Drinking vodka and orange at half-time didn't help though!”

Watford Observer:

Ray McKenna shared this picture of him from the Watford Observer celebrating an individual athletics achievement on a national stage.

He wrote: “After winning the English Schools Athletics Championships (Discus Under-17 boys) I represented England.1992 Watford Observer photo. I am still a member of Watford Harriers Athletics Club today, masters now.”

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David Gorham also had reason to celebrate when he was younger, this time at county level.

He said: “The winning Parmiter’s team in the Hertfordshire Schools County Cup 1983. We beat Francis Combe 3-2 AET, part of a 26-game winning streak. A great team and great mates. That’s me in the red goalie’s shirt.”

Watford Observer:

David also shared this old Watford Observer cutting and said: “And one from a few years later. Evergreen FC Turner Trophy Winners 1988/89. A 2-0 win over Oxhey Labour Club in the final at Berkhamsted FC. Me back row third from right in this WO newspaper cutting.”