Rescue dog Becky has finally found herself a forever home after her previous owner became too poorly to look after.

Becky, an elderly and sweet-natured Staffordshire Bull Terrier, has been rehomed and found herself a new human to snuggle up with.

Watford’s National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) rescue centre found the perfect home for the twelve-year-old dog after being taken to the centre in March with her lifelong companion Zeus.

However, Zeus died shortly after, leaving Becky grieving.

Watford Observer:

Becky is now happy at her new home

But now things are looking up for Becky as she was taken in by a man who has fostered lots of bull breeds before.

He said: “As I’m older myself, I wanted an older dog. After the sudden loss of my dog, I couldn’t take the heartbreak of losing another one. But if I know it’s probably going to be short-term, I can prepare myself for the loss and cope with it better.”

On her first night at the new home, she settled in well and slept soundly after her first walk.

Her new carer has ordered an orthopaedic bed for her and even bought a carrier for her in case she struggles with the stairs.

Watford Observer:

Becky settled in to the new house

Centre manager Jackie de Friez said: “When I brought Becky out to meet her new human she went straight up to him and wanted to snuggle up on his lap. She really took a shine to him and him to her. She loved him even more when he brought out some organic chicken – only the best for his dogs!”

The NAWT, which rehomes up to 400 stray and unwanted cats, dogs and small animals each year, has been plunged into financial crisis by the coronavirus pandemic.

With no financial support from the government or council, it has been pushed to the brink by the cancellation of fundraising events and lost visitor income during lockdown.