Fish and chips can be considered a beloved British delicacy, so we asked our readers where they consider to be the best fish and chip shop.

Finding a place that can masterfully perfect crispy batter, cook with the right level of oil and serve the freshest of fish and meat can be difficult.

But fish and chip shops are usually the hearts and souls for some takeout advocates, and who better to ask where the best spot is than the locals?

So after collecting over a hundred responses, we broke down the five most popular spots recommended by our readers.

Codland Fish & Chips

Located at Courlands Drive in Watford, Codland proved to be the most popular choice within the local area from our readers.

The spot is known for its generous portions and fresh foods of cod, battered sausages - all for a decent and affordable price!

The Viking Fish & Chips

Many readers also raved about The Viking located at Bushey Mill Lane.

The Viking is a popular contender due to it running over 25 years and serving fresh and tasteful foods.

It’s also very accessible with deliveries throughout the day.

Meriden Fish Bar

One perk about going to this fish bar is the range of gluten free options – whether it being the fish itself, sauces or the chips.

In fact, those that voted for Meriden Fish Bar were quick to point it out.

Donald, the owner of the fish bar, says he worked in fish and chip shops since he was a teenager, before starting up his family-run business.

Barkers Fish & Chip Shop

The fish and chip shop fat College Road in Abbots Langley saw a strong backing from many of our readers.

People were quick to point out the crispy batter and great quality food, with some claiming it’s their regular spot.

The Lighthouse Fish and Chips

Another popular spot in Abbots Langley is The Lighthouse – which like the other shops offers a great range of delicious fish, kebabs and burgers.

Portion-wise, The Lighthouse is bound to fill you up, and some readers declared it the best fish and chip shop they’ve been to.

Do you think we've missed a spot? Let us know where your favourite fish and chip shop is in the comments!