People living in Leighton Buzzard and the surrounding areas said they felt an earthquake this morning.

The British Geological Survey (BGS) wrote on twitter today (September 22) that it had been receiving reports of a quake in the area.

The BGS said that it took place at 8.32am, with magnitude 3.0 and a depth of 10km.

This comes after reports of two earthquakes that happened in the same region this month. The first was on September 8 at around 8.45am and was magnitude 3.3 at a depth of 10km.

The second was reported to have taken place on September 13 with magnitude 2.1 at a depth of 10km.

According to BGS, typical reports they received about the second quake included "a rumble and shake" and a "lurching sensation but much milder than the last quake".

People in the area took to twitter again when the reported earthquake struck this morning.

One user said the earthquake this morning "definitely felt bigger" than the second quake earlier this month.

He wrote: "It definitely felt bigger than the second but maybe not as bad as the first, or maybe we are just getting used to the feeling of the house shaking?"

Another user, Katharine Mockett said: "It shook the house, I thought something had landed on the roof.

"While, Dina Gower said she felt the quake at around 9.34am.

She added: "House shook and windows rattled but not as strong as on September 8."

User, Emily Shave said she could feel it in Aylesbury.

She added: "Felt it in Aylesbury and I didn't feel the one the other week."