A public meeting will be held to discuss environmental concerns of raw sewage being pumped into the River Chess.

The River Chess Association has been campaigning against the untreated sewage being discharged and polluting the stream which runs from Chesham to Rickmansworth.

During the course of the summer, Thames Water were called a few times to deal with the discharged sewage and polluted water.

The public meeting will be held on Friday (September 25) from 7pm to 9pm at Sarratt Village Hall.

Richard Aylard, the Thames Water sustainability director, will attend the meeting along with South West Herts MP Gagan Mohindra and several councillors, residents and landowners.

Mr Aylard is expected to open up with a presentation about the sewage leaks, which will then be followed up with questions and a closing statement by Mr Mohindra.

The hall is said to be Covid-approved, with a limited number of attendees who will have to wear face coverings.