A mum has shared her secret to having multiple orgasms every time she has sex.

And it is by running "sex training sessions" and taking notes on her husband's performance.

Blessing Platinum-Williams, an English teacher from Watford, and husband, Michael, both 30, met 11 years ago and, at first, they "couldn't keep their hands off each other".

They used to have sex around 13 times-a-week - but things took a downturn in the bedroom after the birth of their son Ivan, in 2016.

To spice up their sex life, the couple introduced training days - where they write notes on each other's performance and share what they both like and dislike.

Watford Observer:

Married couple Blessing and Michael Platinum-Williams with their children. Photo: SWNS

They told the Real Fix podcast that their twice monthly sessions are a huge success - so much so that Blessing never fails to orgasm

Blessing said: "It's pretty good all the time. It keeps things new and fresh.

"We never go through a session where I don't have multiple orgasms and he's not fully satisfied.

Watford Observer:

Blessing met her husband 11 years ago in January 2009. Photo: SWNS

"Never have a session where it's like 'that was rubbish'. It's always exciting. It's always something we look forward to.

"Every time we make love, it's like 'that's so exciting'."

The pair met in 2009, when Blessing was 19, and Michael 20, after being introduced to each other via a mutual friend, and eloped a month after their engagement, in 2011.

Watford Observer:

The married couple 'couldn't keep their hands off each other'. Photo: SWNS

After the couple had their children, they found their sex life starting to wane, and in 2016 had an honest conversation about spicing things up.

The couple created "sex training days" - where they would make notes about their performance and feedback to each other afterwards.

The pair are still going at it more than ever - booking in two training days a month, depending on their schedules.

Watford Observer:

Blessing and Michael. Photo: SWNS

Watford Observer:

Blessing Platinum-Williams is able to orgasm every single time she has sex with her husband. Photo: SWNS

They write notes down on the notepad which they keep nearby, but the critiques are destroyed after the couple discuss the "highs and lows".

Speaking to the podcast, which helps people share their stories in their own words, Michael said: "I'll read up on it and then I'll come home and say 'baby, we need to book a training session because I've read something in Cosmo and I think you might like it'.

"So I'll set the scene, turn the lights off, get the lamp on, candles, get a nice ambience in the room and then I'll revise what I read and try it and then be like 'how did you like that'?"

Watford Observer:

Blessing and husband, Michael signing the marriage register. Photo: SWNS

Watford Observer:

The couple introduced 'training days' three years ago in 2016. Photo: SWNS

They said examples of their notes might include "you're sucking too hard" or "you're licking aimlessly" or "you need to be more gentle".

The pair spoke to the team at the Real Fix podcast - which features real life people telling their own extraordinary stories in their own words.

The pair featured in episode three, which also includes a chat with a 'trad wife', who encourages women to "submit" to their husband like it’s the 1950s.

Listen to the Real Fix podcast here https://www.real-fix.com/real-fix-podcast/ or subscribe using the appropriate podcast platform here https://plnk.to/realfix