A University student who says she is in “immense pain” due to the size of her breasts is crowdfunding to get them reduced.

Amber Roach, from Bushey, has a natural bust size of 34j, but is trying to raise the funds to get them reduced to a C/D cup.

The 21-year-old Leeds University student says the size of her breasts has been causing her “physical pain” and has left her feeling “embarrassed” to go out.

And she says that simple pleasures such as playing sports became harder to do.

Amber said: “This is not what people should go through. It stopped me from doing sports for three years and I love sports.

Watford Observer:

Photo credit Amber Roach

“I used to play netball twice a week and run a mile everyday, but these small pleasures are not possible anymore.

“The most immense pain I have been facing is in the last year and a half.

“Literally my shoulder joints lock which is sore and when the alarm goes off and I turn it off it is constantly hurting and is just painful.”

Speaking about going outside, Amber said she ends up covering her breasts up so people do not see “how big they are”.

She said: “Emotionally, I don’t feel good in clothes I’m in as people look at me as they’re like what the hell. I just feel embarrassed all the time.

“I get a lot of negative comments, people even ask if they are real.”

Watford Observer:

Amber Roach (right) is crowdfunding to raise funds to get her breast size reduced. Photo: Amber Roach

In her crowdfunding appeal, Amber said that she “also finds that the clothes I wear are not the clothes I want to wear but clothes that just cover up my body as I have lost confidence in my appearance”.

So far, Amber has managed to raise just over £5,000 for her to have the surgery to reduce her breast size.

She said: “I didn’t know what I would get, but I didn’t expect what I have got so far. It is so amazing to have raised £5,000.

“I have obviously had some nasty comments for doing this Crowdfunder but other women have thanked me for speaking out. It has made doing this worthwhile.”

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