The new football season is underway and what a great feeling it is to have the footy back, albeit with some minor covid related adjustments.

As is the way with modern football, a new season means new kits, and with all of the news kits now released, we thought we would rank Championship home kits from best to worst.

There are some cracking and some absolutely shocking kits in division, let us know your favourite below.

Sheffield Wednesday – 1st

Coming in at the top of our unofficial table is this classic-inspired effort from The Owls.

The kit, made by Elev8, features the club’s traditional blue and white stripes, but with a camouflage design running through it

Wednesday fans will be hoping the sharp look will push their players to overcome twelve point deduction for breaking financial rules.

Reading – 2nd

For Reading fans, after years of uninspiring jerseys, this year's effort must feel like a gift from the heavens.

Blue and white hoops at home is a given for the Royals, what makes this kit special is the use of red on the collar and sleeves fantastic!

Norwich City – 3rd

The Canaries, well known for garish strips, have kept it simple this year, and been rewarded handsomely.

This clean effort from manufacturer Errea stands out thanks to the white trim and textured stripes, very nice indeed.

Stoke City – 4th

This clean effort from The Potters does the simple things right, and for that reason ranks highly in our table.

Sure, there is nothing crazy happening here, but as we will see once we get further down the list, sometimes that is a good thing.

Birmingham City – 5th

The club's first ever kit manufactured by Nike, features a reflective Blues crest with subtle embossed detailing throughout.

A strong entry from The Blues secures a top six finish, and such giddy heights will feel unfamiliar to Birmingham fans – maybe this year will be different?

Preston North End – 6th

Love the classic collar and the combination of white, navy and red on this beaut. A stunning entry from Preston. Bravo.

Cardiff City – 7th

The classic three Adidas stripes with clean simple colours, can't go wrong really. And yet another entry in the top half from a club wearing blue. It's not even my favourite colour, promise!

Huddersfield– 8th

The Terriers come in at eighth for the simple reason that kit sponsor Paddy Power has asked for their logo to not be included on the kit, leading to this clean and classic striped look.

I wonder if any of the Premiership sponsors will ever follow suit?

Bristol City – 9th

Everyone loves a good Hummel kit. Well, if you don't mind looking a little bit like a knock-off Denmark, especially in red. Nonetheless, Robins fans will be happy enough with this year's shirt.

Derby County –10th

Clean and simple. CLEAN AND SIMPLE. That's the motto for the top of the (kit) table teams. This year's edition for the Rams is possibly too far on the simple side, but still a nice enough bit of footy clobber.

Queen's Park Rangers - 11th

Put to shame a little by their white and blue hooped cousins Reading. This QPR kit is tidy enough, with lovely three stripe trimming on the sleeves.

Brentford – 12th

Outside the top for Brentford, and not close to the standards they have set in recent years but decent enough to finish in the top half.

Luton Town – 13th

Sorry Watford fans. You may have secured bragging rights in this derby with a 1-0 home win over the weekend, but its the Hatters who can lay claim to looking more stylish on the pitch this season with this solid home edition. For clarity, the away kit is an abomination.

Middlesbrough – 14th

A fairly nice kit here, marked down for being one of the ten thousand clubs which have Bet32 as a sponsor.

Rotherham United – 15th

This Puma strip is inoffensive but also on the boring side. Certainly not a memorable kit. Plus, anybody does anybody else just see Arsenal 2017/18?

Blackburn Rovers – 16th

One thing Rovers kits always are is distinct (just going to conveniently ignore Bristol City's existence sorry). This year's kit is a bit of a let down though. I feel its gets itself a bit crossed-up. A classic collar but with modern furnishings? Choose a direction and stick to it!

Barnsley – 17th

Another not-so-great entry from Puma. Weird 'blocky' lines and a lack of direction hold this one back.

Millwall – 18th

The Lion's kit this year is made by Macron. The words 'Macron' and 'good kit' have never been used together in the same sentence, apart from when explaining Macron have never made a nice kit. Ever.

Nottingham City – 19th

Return of the Mac(ron)! It's Macron again, and its another bad kit. Although, if you think Forest's home kit is bad this year you should see their away strip.

AFC Bournemouth – 20th

Escaping (kit) relegation by the skin of their teeth, its AFC Bournemouth. A club who have not once in their history had a nice looking kit. I'm sorry Cherries fans, it's just true.

Swansea – 21st

What are the random dots all about? Just why. Also another entry for worst away kit in the division, and probably the runaway winner in a strong field of absolute shockers.

Coventry - 22nd

Sorry Cov fans. While it's great to have your club back at this level, I just cannot abide this kit. Disgusting and worthy of its bottom four finish.

Wycombe – 23rd

Just off the foot of the table (probably the only time Wycombe fans will hear that this season) is this mess of a kit. Looks more like a bed sheet than a football shirt. Truly Awful.

Watford – 24th

And coming in at the foot of the table, I'm sure you all guessed it, it's Watford. I have no idea what the Hornets were going for here. Manufacturer Kelma likely doesn't know either. Where to start?

It truly is up there with some of the worst kits all time. Not a fan. At all!