There has been a mixed reaction among residents since it was announced that several street names in Watford are going to be reviewed by a council.

Roads such as Imperial Way and Colonial Way are among street names that are being looked at by Watford Borough Council after it passed a motion calling for names reflecting “negative history” to be reviewed.

Labour councillor Asif Khan, who put the motion forward, said that street names, buildings, statues and monuments should "reflect our town and that they do not contain any of the negative history which this town abhors".

Street names that were listed for review by the Leggatts ward councillor include Imperial Way, Colonial Way, Clive Way and Rhodes Way.

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After this motion was passed in July at a full council meeting, the council appointed members for a new task group that will review several street names in the town.

Councillors sitting on the panel include Cllr Khan, as well as Cllr’s Dawn Allen Williamson, Peter Jeffree, Favour Ezeifedi and Jenny Pattinson.

Cllr Ezeifeidi was appointed a chair of the group.

Back in July, Mayor Peter Taylor said that it is “right to have a group that goes away and looks at this (reviewing street names) in detail”.

He said: "If it is done badly we know that these kinds of issues can be highly divisive and I think at the moment the last thing we need is a debate that leads to angry voices on all sides.

"But having said that I completely recognise the need to look at it.

“We won’t just be looking at existing street names but we will also be talking about a policy for future street names which I think will be a really helpful thing to do."

However, Hornets legend Luther Blissett told the BBC that he “objects to” roads such as Imperial Way and Colonial Way being renamed in the town.

While Blissett said it would be "rather nice" to have a road named after him, he said that it is “important that there is a real understanding” of where the current street names have come from.

He told the BBC: “The important thing is what we now, in this present time, can do about education so that people understand [their] past and understand hopefully what we can do moving forward."

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