We all know kind-hearted people who give up their time to make a difference in their community and we are celebrating all they do.

The Watford Observer is hoping to find the unsung heroes whose invaluable unpaid work keeps the area going.

It’s down to you to get voting and help us find an overall winner - and you can vote by filling out the nomination form in our newspaper on 9 & 16 October.

The closing date is now October 18th 2020. 

Below are the nominees:

Contestant number 1 - Julia Riegal

Watford Observer:

Nominator Sue Elson said: “Julia set up the Oxhey Village walking group five years ago. She has made walking bubbles to keep us safe and is an amazing caring person. She has brought people together in these uncertain times.”

Contestant number 2 - Siobhan Burleigh

Watford Observer:

Nominator Mark Lammin said: “Siobhan led the Covid-19 Mutual Aid response for Watford and Three Rivers. Without her we would not have been able to ensure so many people were safe, fed and checked onduring a particularly difficult period.”

Contestant number 3 - Sylvie Leslie

Watford Observer:

The Wellbeing Hub team said: “Sylvie supported 9 individuals, 67 ‘Keeping In Touch’ calls, informed, demonstrated care regularly. despite ill health.”

Contestant number 4 - Megan Gillen

Watford Observer:

Nominator Collette Bridge Madden said: “Meg responded to the Covid crisis immediately. She helped organise goggles, gloves etc from schools to go to the Nightingale hospital. Then she organised staff to deliver food, educational equipment and technical support.”

Megan says her project DeliveReach was her main focus.