Readers have been sharing their memories of Watford Junction after this wonderful aerial picture was posted in the Watford Observer's nostalgia Facebook group.

More than 1,600 people have now joined We grew up in Watford including Steve Anthony, who shared the image of the town's railway station in bygone days, causing several other members to reminisce.

Rachel Morgan-Pollard said: "Such a difference now, signal box now defunct and you wouldn't believe the changes about to be made to the station."

Martin Baxter wrote: "Wasn't the gothic-looking building top left an orphanage?"

Russell Farnham responded: "Years ago it was an orphanage. It later became The Department of Employment where I first started work after leaving school in 1978. I believe it also held prisoners of war at one time."

Watford Observer:

Steve Anthony also shared this picture of Wymans paper shop at the Junction

David Stratford remarked: "I can see my great great grandfather's house, 6 Station Road on the corner of the bridle path, and it's still there. I wonder for how long?"

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Viv Gurney said: "When the bus stops where opposite the station we got very good as kids running across the forecourt, leaping the little fencing and dashing over the road... never missing the bus! The little cafe to the right of the station (in the picture) was a great place for a cuppa as well."

Bob Kentridge commented: “When I was three (1963) I used to go to the junction with my mum to look at the steam trains.”

Rosie Nicholson added: “I used to live in the first terrace house. It was made into two flats by 1986, we had the upstairs. I loved listening to the late train, it always sounded a whistle. The road was called Woodford Road.”