Do you recognise this community centre that featured in a hit Netflix show?

According to a website called Global Film Locations, a community centre in our area was used as a filming location for Ricky Gervais' show After Life.

The comedy-drama which is acted, directed and written by Gervais is available to watch on Netflix.

The show first premiered on March 8 last year. It follows widow Tony (Gervais) who is trying to cope with his grief after his wife died from breast cancer.

But instead adopts a careless attitude towards the world which often lands him in controversial but occasional hilarious situations.

People who watch the show may recognise from the first season the building which is portrayed as St Jude's Junior School.

The Mill End Community Centre was used to film a scene which involves Tony verbally abusing a child who called him a 'paedo' as he walked past the school gates and spoke to his nephew who was in the playground.

Watford Observer:

Mill End Community Centre. Credit: Google Street View

The second season premiered earlier this year and in May it was renewed for a third season.

But fans of the show may also recognise other locations in the show which are found in Hemel Hempstead.

The Tambury Gazette, where Tony works as a journalist, is 48 High Street and is located in the Old Town.

Watford Observer: Watford Observer:

48 High Street. Credit: Google Street View

The Coffee Shop + Night Cafe, located on the High Street in the is also used regularly within the show as a coffee shop.

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Credit: Google Street View

Jordans Antique Centre also on the High Street made a quick feature at the start of episode one in the first season. The shop can be seen during a montage that shows people in the town getting ready for the day, and a man is seen bringing out a chair to the front of the shop.

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Credit: Google Street View