A resident is calling for more enforcement action to be taken against cars that park “terribly” on double yellow lines.

Chris Souza, who lives in Three Valleys Way in Bushey, says cars have been “simply ignoring double yellow lines” on surrounding roads such as Vale Road for the past six years.

Pictures taken by the 48-year-old show several cars parked on double yellow lines, and he has described some of the ways people park as "ridiculous".

Mr Souza says his “main concern” are people who park on double yellow lines at the junction of Three Valleys Way with Aldenham Road as it is forcing drivers onto the wrong side of the road when turning in.

The 48-year-old said he has “lost count” of the number of times he has nearly been involved in a head on collision at the junction.

He said: “Things were not as bad during the lockdown, but now there are more people in the morning racing to find a space and parking on double yellow lines.

“It has always been terrible and there are times where I have nearly met someone head on since cars on double yellow lines block views.

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Photo credit: Chris Souza

“Whilst Three Valleys Way is not a main road it does attract a fair volume of traffic.”

Mr Souza added that he has spoken to neighbours who have had similar experiences and have concerns over the way some people park.

He is now calling on Hertsmere Borough Council to take more action against vehicles that flout the rules on parking on double yellow lines.

Mr Souza said the council has told him that parking enforcement officers attend Three Valleys Way and Vale Road three times a week and once a month on a late shift.

Mr Souza said: “As a parent the safety of my family is my number one priority.

“From my point of view it is all about trying to make the area safe and I think we should have more enforcement of drivers who ignore the rules.

“Those lines are there for safety reasons and there needs to be a sensible approach to sorting the situation out.”

A spokesperson from Hertsmere Borough Council said: “We regularly enforce parking restrictions along Vale Road and Aldenham Road. In fact these roads receive daily visits from our Civil Enforcement Officers.

“As Three Valleys Way is a private road, we cannot enforce restrictions on some parts of this road, however we can enforce in some junction areas.

“We appreciate that these arrangements can be confusing for residents. We are doing all we can to promote safe parking in the area.

“In addition, an order has been raised to renew double yellow lines along parts of Vale Road and Aldenham Road which have worn away due to general wear and tear.”