One reader has thanked the carers for the care their relative has received during the coronavirus pandemic, and we are giving you the opportunity to do the same and for your message to be featured in a special supplement.

The pandemic has been tough for everyone, but particularly for those of us who have relatives or friends in care homes.

Many people have gone months since they were last able to meet those closest to them due to the restrictions in place, making it incredibly hard if a relation is elderly or unwell.

There is so much good that has happened in care homes during this time that has often gone unseen or unreported and we strongly believe this deserves to be highlighted.

The Watford Observer is publishing a Thank You to Carers supplement and we are giving you the opportunity to say exactly that - thank you.

Tell us about the positive experiences you, a relative or friend has had in a care home since the pandemic began.

Tell us about the carers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help a loved one during this difficult time.

Tell us about the carers who you want to thank, and why.

It couldn’t be easier to do so. Simply follow the instructions below and your thank you messages may be published in our supplement.

Post your 'thank you' message to carers

"Post your 'thank you' message for the carer who has looked after you, a relative or a friend. Please include your name, address (town name), the name of the care home/carer(s) and a picture if you feel that is appropriate."

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

Community contributor

We would like to thank Montrose Care Home for looking after mum and keeping her comfortable during these extremely difficult times. The carers have been very dedicated, compassionate and caring . We really appreciate the visits during the pandemic. Thank you to the management and admin team for maintaining the safety of the residents.