Since it was announced that Watford’s intu shopping centre could be up for a name change after a takeover, most readers have agreed on one thing - changing it back to the Harlequin.

It has proven a popular name among residents and people who shop in the town, having been around for 21 years before it became intu Watford.

But with Global Mutual having taken over as the asset manager, the existing name and branding of intu is only set to stay in place for an “interim period” - it is not yet known how long this is.

And when we ran a poll asking people if they want the Harlequin name back, 95 per cent said they did: an overwhelming majority.

It’s unsurprising, given that it was the shopping centre’s first name, and most people today still call it by that name.

So why not change it back? People feel comfortable with it, rather than a national brand, and it would be a move that makes people feel like they have a stake in the centre, making them more likely to support it.

Unless there is a legal reason the name cannot be changed back, we think the people have spoken and the centre should be called the Harlequin once again.