All of us will know that Watford is a Hertfordshire town, but hundreds of Londoners believe that the borough is part of the capital.

That is according to a YouGov survey, which tested the geographical knowledge of more than 1,000 adults living in London by seeing where they put the boundaries.

Out of 1,135 people who were asked if they felt that Watford was a place in London, 306 residents (27 per cent) answered that they believe this to be the case.

More, however, knew that Watford was not actually a place in the city, with 60 per cent of people (681) saying that the borough is not part of London.

There is also a very small amount of people who do not even know Watford is a place – 1 per cent – while 12 per cent of Londoners didn’t know whether to consider the borough as part of the capital or not.

Some people also took to twitter to share their views – Stephen Cole said he considers Watford part of London.

He said: “I'm still gonna think of Watford and amersham as part of London cause they're on the London underground.”

User Bannodabe responded, saying: “But they're not, I'm from Watford and its definitely Hertfordshire!!”

Scarlett Bawden-Gaul said: “Honestly you Londoners! Watford is not in London.”

The survery also found that 7 per cent of people thought Reading was in London, while 15 per cent though Slough was part of the capital.

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