Presenter and radio host Will Njobvu was racially abused by a person at a Tube station.

The Capital XTRA host from Rickmansworth was on the phone to his friend at Harrow-on-the-Hill station on Sunday (October 25) at around 9.40pm, when a man on the platform demanded he spoke English.

Mr Njobvu, who says he was actually speaking English at the time, hung up the phone and began to record the man who continued to argue.

In a video shared on Twitter, the man was questioned by Mr Njobvu who said: “Speak in English? I was speaking in English mate?”

The man replied, “yeah you are now” and continued to repeat “speak in English”.

Mr Njobvu could be heard questioning if the man was racist and he replied, “yes and no” adding “you weren’t speaking English in England”.

When asked what ‘yes and no’ means, the man replied: “There’s certain black people I don’t want to speak with, and certain black people I will speak with.”

The presenter and host explained that he had no dialogue with the man before filming the incident.

In a tweet, Mr Njobvu wrote: “Can’t believe this, but I’ve just been racially abused at Harrow-on-the-Hill train station. Was on my way home after finishing my radio show… on the phone to my friend and this man said ‘speaking English’ he then said he ‘doesn’t like’ some black people.

“I’ve just been racially abused during Black History Month. We’ve got a long way to go. No one even stepped in to say anything.”

A British Transport Police spokesperson confirmed they have received reports of the incident and says officers have viewed the video and are opening an investigation.

Recently, it was announced that Mr Njobvu will host the upcoming The Masked Singer: Unmasked spin-off on ITV in 2021.