Residents living in a ‘flooding hot spot’ are being left with soaked homes when it rains heavily as the drainage system is not working properly, a homeowner has said.

Jackie Herbert, who lives in Hayling Road, South Oxhey, says flooding in the road has been an issue for the last four years as the drains are not able to cope with heavy rainfall.

She says the situation is having a negative impact on her mental health as she finds herself rushing home when it rains to ensure her home is not being flooded.

Mrs Herbert said: "We never had any issues with flooding until 2016 when we had persistent heavy rain, leading to the drainage system not being able to cope.

“Our house and several of our neighbours houses were flooded, causing considerable damage to my property and leading to us paying higher insurance costs. 

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Photo credit: Jackie Herbert

“If we have light drizzle, its fine. When you have heavy downpour that is when we then cant cope as it doesn’t flow away quick enough.”

Mrs Herbert says there have been several incidents of flooding over the years – she said one time in 2017 there was water up to the front door.

In August this year, Mrs Herbert said she had to put sandbags out to stop water coming in.

And with residents living on “tenterhooks” heading into winter, Mrs Herbert is demanding action from Hertfordshire County Council to allow drains to cope with heavy rainfall.

Watford Observer:

Watford Observer:

Mrs Herbert says the drains keep getting blocked - Photo: Jackie Herbert

She said she has complained to the council over the issue, although nothing has been done.

She said: “All we are asking is that something is done to stop the drains not being able to cope whether that is more regular maintenance of the drains on this road and surrounding road or a better system put in place.”

“I just want the council to sort out the drainage so we can go out during day when raining and not fear having to come back because you don’t know what is happening.”

Hertfordshire County Council said the issue is "complicated and something we can’t fix quickly".

"However we would like to assure residents that we are working to improve the situation," a spokesperson said. 

"In the meantime our highways team will continue to maintain the existing drainage system.

“Our flood risk management team have been investigating the flood risk in South Oxhey including Hayling Road.

"There are a number of areas across South Oxhey like this one where there is potential for surface water flooding, and we are currently researching a package of measures to reduce the flood risk in the area."