With Halloween almost upon us the Watford Observer has again joined forces with Watford Museum to recall some spooky stories from the town's past.

Today's subject is the Palace Theatre and some darker episodes from its past.

Originally the theatre opened in 1908 as a music hall. It is said the footsteps of one performer still grace the boards – workmen have heard footsteps on the stage and seen the stage curtains part to allow an invisible presence to pass.

Another time an usherette was locking up the gallery when she saw a figure walking along the back. The ghostly figure walked down the aisle then leapt over the barriers.

The ghost has been named ‘Aggie’ but nobody knows why. Backstage staff have sensed an unseen presence and heard footsteps. One dressing room is particularly active with the strong feeling of a presence accompanied by an icy cold chill to the air and the sounds of footsteps which stop at the door.

The origin is of this ghost story isn't definite as there are said to be three ideas of where it's from, one is a former stage hand, another is a follow spot operator who fell from the gallery to her death and the third is a dresser who also fell to her death from the upper gallery.

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