The Watford Observer has joined forces with Watford Museum throughout the week to recall some spooky stories from the town's past in the build up to Halloween.

We complete these with Watford's links to one of the most famous killers in history - Jack the Ripper.

The name of the Victorian mass murderers will live in infamy for all of history, but did you know that a key suspect ended up as an inmate at Leavesden?

Aaron Kosminski, a butcher, was admitted to Leavesden Asylum three years after the last murder after having spent time in the Mill End Workhouse.

Watford Observer:

Kosminski is linked to the murders by DNA. A shawl from one of the victims was purchased by an investigator, Russel Edwards, who sent it in for DNA testing and not only discovered blood from one of the victims but also further DNA from a potential suspect.

After finding a descendent of Kosminski they confirmed the DNA as a 100 per cent match.

You can find out more by visiting the newly opened Leavesden Hive, off College Road or the Leavesden Hospital History Association website via this link.

This article was first published on the museum's Facebook page