Watford’s town centre has undergone many changes over the years as these pictures posted in our nostalgia Facebook group underline.

More than 2,500 people are now members of ‘We grew up in Watford’ and many have been enjoying reminiscing about shopping trips and how town centre streets used to look after these images were shared.

Martin Baxter posted the image at the top of this page and remarked: "If you're getting too nostalgic for the 70s, don't forget the three day week... blackouts, petrol rationing and food queues, as seen here in The Parade just across from the pond!

This prompted Peter Blundell to write: “No mobile phones or internet and only three channels on tv but with the family gathered round on a Saturday night watching some great programmes together, family shopping trips dreaming about what you might be able to afford one day and eating out was an exciting treat not the expected. Yes life today has it’s good points but we’ve also lost something very precious from those days.”

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Stephen Danzig said: “This was the bread strike, and photo of Chef Corner, anybody know the year.

“In an article in the Watford Observer, the former owner said “During the bread strike, workers decided they would go on strike. The majority of bread being produced was sliced bread so there was no sliced bread. What we did was working 24 hours a day trying to turn everything out but there were queues waiting outside the door. We had to cut the slices of dough up and sell them to the customers.”

The two images below of other shopping scenes in Watford were also posted by Steve Anthony.

Watford Observer:

'1964, the demolition frenzy was being planned'

Watford Observer:

St Albans Road looking toward Balmoral Road. Woolworths was across the road