It is now more than 20 years since Watford Springs closed its doors for the final time.

The Lower High Street swimming pool complex was only open for ten years and suffered a catalogue of problems throughout its chequered history, leading to councillors unanimously deciding to close the doors for the final time and give the go-ahead for demolition in October 2000.

The Watford Observer reported on the anger felt by many people at the time, but then leader of Watford Borough Council Vince Muspratt said: “Watford Springs was built as a flagship pool for the people of Watford. It is sickening I have to stand here to move the motion this evening.

“There are lessons from this to be learned, and councillors and the public have a right to know the council will never be put into such a position again.

“The loss of a facility, such as Springs, will be felt inside and outside the borough but we have to move on and look to the future.”

Members of the Watford Observer’s nostalgia Facebook group ‘We grew up in Watford’ have been reminiscing about it, with some expressing their sadness that is no longer with us.

Sally Sutton said: “I absolutely loved Watford Springs. Such a great shame it closed.”

Kirsty Woodham added: “Great place. I worked there from the day it opened til the day it closed and loved it.”

Gordon Henman wrote: “It was a great place. Unfortunately unreliable and too short lived.”

Kevin Field said: "Don’t understand why it ever closed. Great place to go with kids."

Kieron O'Neill responded: "Basically, it was one of the first Local Authority/private sector initiatives, it was falling apart virtually as soon as the paint was dry."

If you grew up in or around Watford and would like to share your memories and pictures of the town, ask to join the group via this link.