I didn’t see this at the time but I’ve just noticed in the recycling that DDD (family-owned) in Rickmansworth Road was taken over last March.

I knew the materials they handled as I spent some time in an earlier life packing them in Anson House, next to Northwick Day Centre. That’s ultimately why I’ve ended up living in South Oxhey today.

At the time I met a lovely young couple in Redwood Close who moved to Northwood specially to make their journeys to work in London easier. Their move to Norwich had something to with the well-known insurance company there. At the time I had no idea what an actuary was.

Since then I’ve become more and more curious as Anson House stands there derelict. Couldn’t Ascend make use of it? Not easily I think as the Industrial Therapy Organisation seems no longer to exist. Their directors/trustees have also ‘vanished ‘ according to Baker Tilly; and Three Rivers referred me to the Land Registry.

I still think something should be done, not least because they were my landlords in nearby Bridlington Road - to be demolished any day now. Apart from other stories I got to know South Oxhey library well before it became the impressive centre it is now.

W. Maddox

Gosforth Lane, South Oxhey