Readers have shared their thoughts on whether they think lockdown will end on December 2.

England entered a second national lockdown earlier this month in an effort to ease rising infection rates.

Pubs, bars and restaurants and non-essentials shops were forced to close while people have been told to stay at home unless they've a specific reason to leave.

The country is now two weeks into the one month lockdown and we asked our readers on whether they're confident that lockdown will end on the expected date. Here is what they said.

Some readers such as Teresa Levin said they felt confident that lockdown won't ease straight away and she believes that changes will be gradual.

She said: "No I don't think it will, it would be complete carnage once the shops open again and the infection rate will soar right on top of Christmas. I think it's going to be a slow release."

Tracey-Gary Carter said: "The only thing that is in lockdown is family and social - no I don't think it will end on December 2."

Whereas another reader thought differently and said she thinks the restrictions will end and the tier system will be reintroduced.

She said: "But I think they will alter them and make them stricter. So for those wanting more freedom back will be happy, but it will still be lockdown in a sense."

But there were also a number of comments of uncertainty, many hopeful to return back to work.

Linda Metcalf said: "I hope so I want to go back to work. I'm a hairdresser and we had been doing everything right in the salon."

Charlotte Marie Steward said she hoped rules would ease in order to "give small businesses a chance".

Jade Wilson said: "I'm guessing shops may open for Christmas and for sales and then lockdown will start again - who knows."

A majority of readers suggested that the impact of the current restrictions is not as noticeable compared to the first national lockdown that started in March.

Elaine Milnes said it doesn't seem like the country is in lockdown due to the "busy roads".

Jo Lee added: "No it really doesn't feel like lockdown. Everywhere is still busy, you just can't go out for dinner or get your hair cut."

What are your thoughts on the easing of second lockdown? Leave your comments below.