Coronavirus cases in Hertfordshire are on the rise in most parts of the county despite the second national lockdown.

Government data shows there have been 4,547 new lab-confirmed cases of Covid-19 across the county in November.

The rate of infection has peaked above 150 cases per 100,000 population in six parts of the county: Watford, Hertsmere, Three Rivers, East Hertfordshire, Broxbourne and Stevenage.

In North Hertforshire and St Albans the rate of infection remains just below 150 per 100,000.

As of November 20 there had been 48 recorded coronavirus deaths in the county so far this month.

Seven of those deaths were recorded in Watford, 12 in Hertsmere and six in Hertsmere

The rate of infection in Hertfordshire

Watford Observer:

The darker the colour, the more cases there are in that area. Source: UK Government Covid dashboard

The county's Covid-hotspots