Two primary schools in our areas have been listed among the top 20 schools in the country.

The Sunday Times' school guide, called Parent Power was published this month and the list reveals some of the best primary schools across England.

Around 2,000 schools were identified and were ordered by their recent published examination results, showing their average test scores for grammar, reading and maths.

The list allows parents to compare the performance of each school in the list compared to others in their town.

The Russell School in Chorleywood ranked third in the list, this comes after the school was placed at spot 262 last year. The school has an average reading, grammar and maths score of 115.

Head teacher, Claire Pitt said: "I am thrilled that the continued hard work and dedication of the whole school community has been recognised.

"We have high expectations of ourselves as well as the children and there is a shared commitment by the whole team to make a difference to every child and give them the very best learning experiences possible whilst they are at The Russell School. "

But the Russell School wasn't the only school in our area to be included in the list. Nascot Wood Junior School in Watford managed to grab spot 15.

The school had an average score of 112 for reading, 114 for grammar and 113 for maths.