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A pet owner says her kitten died after it was “ripped apart” by two dogs.

Alexandra Jenkins, who lives in Highwood Avenue, Bushey, said her 11-month old Norwegian Forest cat Oskar was attacked last week.

Miss Jenkins bought Oskar with her family this year and said he was very friendly and playful and “loved to be treated like a baby”.

She added: “He behaved like a dog, every time we called his name, he would come running over to us.”

She said Oskar was always let out in the morning and was allowed to roam freely throughout the day but always made his way home before night.

Watford Observer:

Alexandra and her cat, Oskar. Credit: Alexandra Jenkins

But that changed last Wednesday (November 18), when Miss Jenkins fed her cat and let him out at 7am before going to work.

She said that when her mum and brother were eating breakfast at home they heard a cat scream. Her brother immediately ran outside, without shoes, and jumped over the neighbour’s fence where he found Oskar being attacked by two dogs.

Police say the dogs were two "greyhound type" dogs.

Watford Observer:

Oskar the cat. Credit: Alexandra Jenkins

Miss Jenkins believed Oskar was in the field that backed onto her and her neighbour’s house and was chased by the dogs into the neighbour’s garden, which has a low fence.

Miss Jenkins said the dogs' owner, who is not related to the neighbour in any way, had their dogs off leash and did not call back her dogs when they went after Oskar.

Oskar was rushed to MediVet in St Albans Road and landed a bill worth more than £5,000 because of his life-threatening injuries.

Watford Observer:

Oskar being treated at the vets. Photo: Medivet Watford

MediVet, who wrote about his injuries on Facebook, said: “Oskar has multiple open wounds including open wounds on both thighs – one so deep that the femur and nerves are exposed through the damage muscles.

“He also had a wound that penetrated into his abdominal wall and another penetrating his chest walls.”

Oskar also suffered several broken ribs, sternum and trauma to his bladder and had no motor function in his hind legs and tail.

Watford Observer:

Oskar was injured after two dogs attacked him. Photo: Medivet Watford


Watford Observer:

Credit: Alexandra Jenkins

He had to go through surgery but sadly on Sunday (November 22) Oskar died. The family were allowed to video call him before he died, but Miss Jenkins said although he did respond to his name occasionally, he looked weak and fragile.

She added: “A muzzle on the dogs would have prevented this. They ripped him apart like lions.

“Me and my family can’t sleep because of the stress of what has happened.”

Watford Observer:

Oskar. Credit: Alexandra Jenkins


A spokesperson for Hertfordshire Constabulary said: “Police are currently investigating following an incident in Bushey where two dogs are reported to have been dangerously out of control.

“The incident occurred in Highwood Avenue, at around 7am on Wednesday 18 November.

“It was reported that two dogs, which were not on leads, ran from a green space and into a garden, where they began attacking a cat.

Watford Observer:

Miss Jenkins is heartbroken after her beloved kitten died. Photo: Medivet

“A man intervened to try and rescue the cat and subsequently sustained injuries to his feet.

“Enquiries are continuing at this time.”

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